What’s in the Box?

Each box includes 3-6 handpicked items, depending on the weight, size and value. Here are a few examples:


This box includes:

Organic Za’atar, Sindyanna of Galilee Sindyanna of Galilee is a certified fair-trade, nonprofit organization that simultaneously promotes coexistence in Israel & economic opportunities for women. Working side-by-side in the Kfar Khana studio (near Nazareth), Arab and Jewish women produce a variety of products, including za’atar: a classic Middle Eastern spice blend that is used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, sprinkled on hummus or lane, mixed with olive oil and eaten with pita. Sindyanna’s particular blend is made according to a traditional method, using shade-dried hyssop leaves grown in the Galilee, which are then ground and mixed with roasted organic sesame seeds, sea salt, sumac and organic olive oil.

Pure Honey with Halva, Meshek Lin In 1972, the Lin family owned a modest supply of 20 beehives from which they produced high quality honey. Today, Lin’s farm is operated by second-generation farmers: brother and sister, Yuval and Neta Lin, who inherited the business from their parents and scaled the operation to over 1,000 hives with a distribution facility in Modi’in. The original site of the farm is still on Kfar Bilu, a moshav (farming cooperative) in the centre of Israel that was founded in 1932. Here, Meshek Lin runs agricultural and educational programs for children on topics like the importance of bee conservation, as well as beeswax candle-making workshops and honey tastings. We also love Meshek Lin because they employ adults with special needs through Chimes.

Lemon, Lime and Mint Soap, Sabon Michal A woman-led, small, family-run business up in the Galilee, Sabon Michal produces a line of natural skincare products that are as healthy as they are eco-friendly. While studying Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University, Michal Levy began experimenting with raw materials to make soaps & oils. Sh realized she was onto something and started a business out of her own kitchen, eventually moving operations to a factory in Dalton. Using organic herbs, plants and flowers purchased from small growers around Israel, Michal uses a slow, cold manufacturing process so as not to compromise the health properties by exposure to heat or chemicals. All products are wrapped in recycled paper made from orange peels.

Organic Silan (Date Syrup), Kibbutz Neot Smadar Neot Smadar was established in 1989 by a group of friends from Jerusalem who wanted to escape the city to create a more simple and natural lifestyle. Located in the southern Negev desert, Neot Smadar boasts 125 acres of organic vineyards, date plantations, herb gardens, fruit groves, a boutique winery, free range goat herd and olive press. Today, the kibbutz has about 80 adult members, 70 children and 50 volunteers from around the world. Neot Smadar is known for its high quality organic products, sold in health food stores throughout Israel, as well as at the Pundak, a roadside cafe on Route 40 where you can eat homemade ice cream amongst cyclists and travelling families.

Here are a some of the products featured in our boxes