Shalva Tea, Jerusalem

David Ross is an “oleh chadash” (new immigrant to Israel) who made aliyah from California just two years ago. After completing an MA in Forestry from Yale University and receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to come to Israel, David decided to start his own herbal tea company.

Inspired by Israel’s diverse landscape, Shalva (the Hebrew word for “tranuquility”) offers 6 unique flavors: Arava Calm, Carmel Immuni-Tea, Cleansing Galil, Jerusalem Harmony, Ein Gedi Digestif, and Soothing Elah Valley.

Rather than import black tea from India or China, David decided to create an entirely local brand, using herbs grown right here in Israel: spearmint, lemongrass, carob, olive leaf, rose petals, hibiscus and cardamon. The teas, packaged in eco-friendly rice paper, are made in partnership with “Shekel” - an organisation that provides vocational training to special needs people in Jerusalem.