Rish Lakish, Moshav Tsipori

3 generations of the Noy-Meir family live and work on Tzippori - a picturesque Moshav in the Western Galilee that was founded in 1949 on the site of an ancient crusader village. The family business, “Rish Lakish,” is an organic olive oil press housed in an ecological mud hut that they built with their own hands. Their entire production process is 100% sustainable - even the “pomace” (olive skin, pulp and stems left over after pressing) is used to feed cows on the moshav. In addition to making exceptionally high-quality olive oil in a beautiful, eco-friendly setting, Rish Lakish participates in a USAID-funded program called “Olive Oil Without Borders,” which strengthens economic cooperation and promotes peace in the region.

Visitors can organise a tour of the ancient olive groves, attend workshops on olive oil production and green building, eat a light meal at their on-site cafe, or even help the family pick olives during the harvest season.