Our Story

MATANA was founded in 2014 by Canadian-Israeli, Emily Berg

After falling in love with Israel as a young girl, Emily made Aliyah in 2012 at the age of 25. Each time she returned to Toronto for a visit, her friends and family would ask her to bring back their favourite Israeli delicacies - high quality olive oil, tahini, spices, dates, halva, coffee and more - products that were not available for purchase in North America. She would present these products with excitement, not just at the craftsmanship but also the stories of the vendors: “Mom! This organic lavender soap was made by a hassidic couple who use herbs from their garden in the Negev!” or “Grandma, this olive oil was pressed using fruit from 800 year-old olive trees in the Galilee!

Flash Forward to July 2014: Emily's husband, Ofir, was called to serve in Operation Tzuk Eitan. Alone in their Tel Aviv apartment for the duration of the war, Emily began to reflect on her life, her future and her purpose in Israel. One day, she received an email from a Canadian Jewish organization imploring its community members to "go to their local retailer and buy Israeli products," listing mainly large corporation whose products are already in department stores around the world. 

Having lived in Israel for a few years, Emily knew about dozens of small businesses (mostly in the periphery) that made excellent quality products but did not have access to the global market. She started MATANA as a way to bridge the gap between Israeli small businesses and consumers abroad. 

Our mission is to support Israeli small businesses while giving our customers an opportunity to bring Israel into their homes each month.