Ofaimme, Moshav Idan

In 2007, after seven years of working an intensive farm that produced vegetables for export, Yinon Ofaimme took his family for a one year “shmita” (or sabbatical) to give the land and themselves some much-needed rest. They came back to Israel rejuvenated and inspired to change their lifestyle, deciding to open an organic farm in the Arava.

Located on Moshav Idan (close to the Jordanian border), Ofaimme is owned and operated by Yinon and his brother Hedai. They grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, have an Alpine goat herd, and produce a variety of unique, high-quality farm products; including, sun dried cherry tomatoes, guava jam, wine vinegar, natural yogurt seasoned with almond essence and poppy seeds, tangy labane, dulce de leche, and ripe cheeses covered in chestnut ash.

Ofaimme adheres to strict organic standards and fair trade conditions – from sowing to reaping; from herding to milking. They have a visitors’ center on site, where it is possible to hold events, workshops or tastings; and they recently opened a café in Jerusalem’s Beit HaKerem neighborhood, which exemplifies the principles of farm-to-table dining.