Nany Sauces, Be'er Sheva

Nany is a line of natural, vegan, gourmet spreads, sauces and dips produced by veteran Israeli chef, Nadav Hagag. Established in 2012, Hagag named his company “Nany” after his father passed away, combining his parents’ nicknames for each other. With over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry, chef Nadav has worked in kitchens in Tel Aviv and Paris before relocating to the Negev desert.

The Nany factory is based in Beer Sheva - the largest city in the south of Israel. In partnership with Gvanim, an Israeli NGO that provides services to people with disabilities, Nany employs people with special needs as well as pensioners who want to get back into the workforce. As a social business, Nany has received several grants, awards, support and recognition for its work; including PresenTense (a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who solve critical issues facing society), and Tor HaMidbar (an NGO that supports young adults who relocate to the periphery and operate social projects with the local community.)