Meshek Lin, Kfar Bilu

Meshek Lin (or “Lin’s Farm) is a family-run company that produces a variety of natural spreads, dips, jams and sauces based on Mediterranean inspired recipes. Originally founded as a small bee farm in 1972 with a modest supply of just 20 hives, Meshek Lin is now owned and operated by brother and sister, Yuval and Neta, who took over the business from their parents and have scaled the operation to over 1,000 hives with a packing plant in Modi’in.

The farm and visitors’ centre are located on Kfar Bilu - a moshav founded in 1932 named for the “Bilu” movement, which promoted early agricultural settlement in the land of Israel. Almost a century later, the land is still used for agricultural purposes, and Meshek Lin runs educational programs for children on the importance of bee conservation, as well as beeswax candle making workshops and honey tasting. They also support Chimes - an organisation that integrates people with special needs into the Israeli workforce.