Kibbutz Neot Smadar, Arava

Neot Smadar was established in 1989 by a group of friends from Jerusalem who wanted to escape the city to create a more simple, natural and community-based lifestyle. Located in the southern Negev desert on the site of an abandoned kibbutz, Neot Smadar boasts 125 acres of organic vineyards, date plantations, herb gardens, fruit groves, a boutique winery, free range goat herd, and an olive press. Today, the kibbutz has 80 adult members, 70 children and 50 volunteers.

Neot Smadar is best known for its unique desert architecture; particularly, a large pink and blue building that serves as the kibbutz’s arts centre. It is an eco-friendly structure with a passive cooling tower that took the members 15 years to build. Neot Smadar is also known for its high quality organic products, sold in health food stories throughout Israel; as well as the “Pundak” - an organic, vegetarian, roadside cafe on Route 40.