Delicious Israel by Matana

An Israeli Kitchen collection, carefully curated by Inbal baum, founder of Delicious Israel

No trip to Israel is complete without experiencing a Delicious Israel Culinary Tour. Inbal Baum and her team of Delicious guides introduce guests to the Israeli kitchen with walking tours, cooking workshops, Shabbat dinners, wine tastings, and shuk hops, sharing their favourite insider spots to eat, drink, and shop along the way. Matana has teamed up with Delicious Israel to bring you a specially curated box, highlighting some of the most important ingredients in Israeli cuisine, expertly selected by Inbal from her favourite vendors.

Boxes are now available for pre-order and we will begin shipping in March 2019. Please note: this is a one-time delivery, not a subscription box.


What’s in the Box?

All products are certified kosher and sourced directly from Israeli vendors. Price includes taxes, shipping, and customs.

  • Delicious Israel Apron

  • 5 Israeli Spices: Za’atar, Sumac, BBQ Blend, Mejadra Mix, and Hawaij for Coffee

  • Levinsky Market Lemon & Mint Tea Blend

  • 100% Stone-Milled Tahini

  • Amba (a tangy mango chutney)

  • Organic Silan (date syrup)

  • Delicious Israel Signature Tote Bag

  • Recipes & Information About the Products and Israeli Vendors

About Inbal

Founded in 2011 by former attorney and yoga instructor, Inbal Baum, Delicious Israel’s intimate culinary crusades have since taken the lead as one of the country’s most enticing ways to explore what it truly means to be an Israeli by engaging with those who call the holy land home.  After working as an attorney in New York City, years of Jewish and Israel-related organizational work and consulting in the private and public sectors, Inbal left behind the desk jobs and immigrated to Israel in 2009 to follow her entrepreneurial heart and passion. As an amateur chef (with a specialized focus on ice cream-making) and yoga instructor, Inbal is always excited for her next food and yoga adventure—in Israel and around the globe.