Bustan Confiture, Kibbutz Lotem

High on a hilltop in the western Galilee, Assaf Harris operates Bustan Confiture, a family-run business that produces high-quality, hand-made artisanal jams made from the native fruits of Israel. Using all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial coloring and no setting agents, each batch is carefully and lovingly prepared in what resembles more of a kitchen than a factory. Assaf lives and works on Kibbutz Lotem, which sits atop Mount Hilazon with clear views of the Arbell Cliffs, the Kinneret and the Tsalmon River. Founded in 1978, Lotem falls under the jurisdiction of the Misgav Regional Council, known for the way that Jewish and non-Jewish communities live side-by-side. In fact, Assaf employs local Bendouin women from nearby villages to make and package the jams. You can find Bustan at many of Israel’s high-end shops, boutique wineries, and farmers’ markets.