January's Box

Hey guys!

You may have realized that we changed a few things over here at Matana. We used to feature ONE Israeli vendor each month and ship a curated selection of their products. Now that we have moved into a warehouse and have an operations team to handle all of the ordering, packing and shipping - we’ve had some time to pause and think about how to offer you the best possible product. We decided that the boxes would be much more fun to receive if they featured a variety of products and vendors each month… So we’ve been giving it a try. What do you think? Do you like this model? Let us know!

Here is a description of the products and vendors we featured in January 2019:

Organic Granola with Halva

Derech HaTavlinim

Derech HaTavlinim is an organic herb farm located on Moshav Beit Lechem HaGlilit - a former Templar Colony whose distinctive architecture is still visible today. In 1948, the land was captured by the Haganah and resettled by Jewish farmers, including Zvi Tsitershipler, an immigrant from Poland who planted the farm’s very first seeds, becoming a pioneer in Israel’s spice industry. Decades later, Zvi’s son Avi, runs the family business which now includes a cafe and visitors’ centre where they host festivals, workshops and activities for families. Your box includes granola with halva made from organic sesame seeds grown right on the farm.

Cherry Tea

TeaLovers TLV

Matana is excited to be supporting TeaLovers - a brand new business established in 2018 by a group of young people whose mission is to promote tea culture in Israel. The founder, Shura, works as a chef at the Desert Ashram, a meditation centre in the Negev that hosts festivals and therapeutic workshops attended by Israelis and tourists alike. The Ashram is run by a vibrant commune of “desert dwellers” and Osho followers. Shura ran tea ceremonies and set-up tea bars at various yoga festivals, which eventually inspired him to develop his own blends that are made and packaged in Tel Aviv. TeaLovers’ products can already be found at many popular cafes and shops throughout Israel, already fulfilling their mission to promote a local tea culture.

Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

Anshei HaZayit (Olive People)

Anshei HaZayit (translation: Olive People) was founded in 2009 by Yaniv Zabad, a second-generation farmer from Sde Uziyahu - a moshav in southern Israel that was established in 1950 by Jewish refugees from Libya. After completing his military service in the IDF, Yaniv studied Environmental Science at Tel Hai college, where he developed a passion for olive oil and created a product that promotes local agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Your box includes a bottle of his award-winning oil, made without any preservatives or additives.

Pure Honey with Halva

Meshek Lin

In 1972, the Lin family owned a modest supply of 20 beehives from which they produced high quality honey. Today, Lin’s Farm is operated by second-generation farmers: brother and sister, Yuval and Neta Lin, who inherited the business from their parents and scaled the operation to over 1,000 hives with an impressive packing plant in Modi’in. The original site of the farm is still on in Kfar Bilu - a moshav in the centre of Israel that was founded in 1932. Here, Meshek Lin runs agricultural and educational programs for children on topics like the importance of bee conservation, as well as beeswax candle making workshops and honey tastings. We also love Meshek Lin because they employ adults with special needs through an organization called Chimes. Your box includes pure honey mixed with naturally sweetened halva.

Emily Berg