Kveller Article: I Could Give My Baby a Cushy Life in Canada But I Chose Israel Instead

This article was originally published in Kveller - Mom Advice & Community for Jewish Parenting

I was deep in my third trimester and sweating through the Tel Aviv heat when I thought to myself, “Never again.” Seven years into my life in Israel, I just couldn’t spend another hot, intense, and chaotic summer there. It’s not just the blistering sun and the heavy moisture in the air that makes everything feel so hard. The heat creates a kind of intensity that seems to put everyone on edge.

Sure, the first few weeks of summer in Israel are nice, as the temperatures start to climb, the days grow longer, and salty beach hair and sandy clothes are still a novelty. But after a while, people start to get a little crazy. It feels like we’re constantly on the brink of a violent outbreak, which we often are. Our collective blood begins to boil.

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Emily Berg