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424 Salt, Dead Sea

In 2011, Alon Lior took his family on a trip to the Dead Sea. There, he met Hoosam Hallack, the owner of a local family-run salt extraction plant. They hit it off and, two weeks later, Lior visited the plant, leaving with a bag of salt which he had analysed by food technologist, Dr. Eli Sigler. After receiving confirmation that this salt was not only edible, but that it contained the richest mineral content of any salt on earth, Lior contacted Hallack with a business proposition: producing gourmet salt from the Dead Sea. Salt 424 is named for the fact that the Dead Sea is 424 meters below sea level - the lowest point on earth. Their products are 100% natural with no chemicals or additives. Sallack's plat uses sustainable extraction methods so as not to harm the local environment, receiving the approval of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. Brine is pumped from the sea's northern basin, which receives fresh water from the Jordan River. Just a few hundred meters from shore, the brine then undergoes an 8-month evaporation process in crystallisation pools, which preserves the salt's qualities and benefits. The water used in production is then recycled back into the sea.

Salt 424's unique flavours were developed in collaboration with top Israeli chefs and are a great addition to any meal.