Israel at your Fingertips

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How it Works

Matana is the Hebrew word for “gift.”

We are curators and storytellers, exploring this land in search of its hidden treasures in order to share them with you. We send carefully curated packages from Israel to hundreds of customers around the world, featuring local artisans (farmers, family businesses, small enterprises, entrepreneurs, kibbutzim and more). Whether you would like to join us as a subscriber and receive a monthly surprise package, or send a meaningful gift to a loved one - we’ve got you covered! All products are 100% made in Israel and all food products are all kosher certified.



Receive a monthly surprise package from Israel right to your front door. Support dozens of Israeli small businesses and discover incredible products each month.

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Month-to-Month Subscription

3-4 Items, renews each month

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3 Month Subscription

3-4 items, renews every 3 months


6 Month Subscription

3-4 items, renews every 6 months

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One Year Subscription

3-4 Items, renews every 12 months


Matana is a unique and meaningful gift for holidays, birthdays, engagements, housewarmings or any occasion. If you would have a special request or would like to order several packages, please contact us directly.


Large Gift Box

7-8 products + gift card / one-time delivery


One-Time Gift Box

3-5 items + gift card x one delivery


3 Month Gift Box

3-5 items+ gift card x 3 deliveries


6 Month Gift Box

3-5 items + gift card x 6 deliveries


One Year Gift Box

3-5 items + gift card x 12 deliveries